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How to Use Tec-Olene Plus

Tecolene Plus is a solvent cleaner and engineered to be used straight from the container. Do not dilute it with water.

Apply Tecolene Plus using a sprayer or a brush. We recommend wearing gloves and protective glasses while applying the product.

Please allow time for the product to work. Let it soak into the old asphalt. Special high solubility chemicals have been compounded into the terpenes to promote the dissolution of the asphalt. You can help things along by applying a wire brush to the treated asphalt. Take care not to apply the wire brush directly to a painted surface. How long the process will take depends on the age and thickness of the asphalt to be removed.

Rinse Away

To finish the clean-up process, simply rinse away using high-pressure water if available, otherwise, just hose the surface down to remove remaining dissolved asphalt and cleaner.

Plus won't remove cured paint from the metal surface, but if left on that surface for an extended period of time, it may dull the finish. So take care to water rinse away any solvent left after the cleaning is done.

Trichloroethylene:  Asphalt Content-   6.15%
Tecolene Plus:     Asphalt Content-   6.09%
Difference:                                            0.06%

A test performed in accordance with INDOT Test Method 571-96M compared Tecolene Plus to Trichloroethylene in measuring asphalt content in hot mix. A summary of the results are listed below:

Use Tecolene Plus for Cleaning! Tecolene Plus is an asphalt extraction solvent used for cleanup in asphalt laboratories and for cleanup of asphalt equipment and tools.

It is also a biodegradable, combustible, orange terpene-based cleaner formulated specifically to remove cured asphalt from metal equipment.