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Truck Bed Asphalt Release
Equipment Lubricant

Performance as a Truck Bed Release:

TECLON-PRO has a distillation range of 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit and is not affected by the 300+ degree temperatures of asphalt. This important characteristic allows the residual of the lubricant to remain on the truck bed and not evaporate after contact with hot mix asphalt.

far exceeds the boiling points and distillation ranges of vegetable oils, soaps, diesel fuel and the temperatures of hot mix asphalt.

Plates-Out on Metal or Rubber Surfaces

Provides Corrosion Proofing.

Teclon-Pro, by plating out on metal & rubber surfaces, provides surface protection and corrosion proofing. It is tested in compliance with ASTM B 117, which requires continuous salt spray in an enclosed chamber.  After the treatment of metal parts with Teclon-Pro, it took sixty-eight hours of continuous salt spray before any extensive rusting occurred.  Sixty-eight hours in a salt spray chamber is comparable to a northern winter.  Testing conducted by a major rubber component manufacturer, concluded that Teclon-Pro does not damage rubber live-bottom materials as does diesel fuel.

  Approved for Truckbed Release by State DOT's in New York, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and many more.

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