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Tec-team Metal Cutting Fluid Coolants Equipment Lubricants Gun Cleaner


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 Tec-Team Industries has responded to customer demand by designing this special system to fit most any type plant set-up. Its single mixing station is expandable to extend treatment beyond drags and silo-top transfers to even silo gates and mixing drum applications.

Because the manual application of solvents and chemicals to conveyors is tedious and often dangerous, it has been historically neglected. The solvents cause a hazard just by their volatile nature which has prompted many companies to go to alternatives. In this quest, we and our customers discovered that while their safety hazards were successfully reduced; equipment wear was greatly reduced, also.

  Ah, a proverbial “Two birds with one stone” application had been discovered. According to simple calculations, “Freedom Systems” can return your investment over 1000% in safety, equipment wear and down time. Do the math and you will see!

Kit Description

This system is designed in kit form with the customer supplying standard hardware such as: supply piping to be attached to the drags, silo or drum for spanning the area between chemical station and spray bars. This allows for an entirely customizable system.

Remote controls are provided to allow for operation from out in the plant or the comfort of the control room to insure timely application. These systems are set up to give operators, with the touch of a button, “FREEDOM” from trudging up and down silos and other equipment.

Freedom Systems are INDUSTRIAL QUALITY and have itemized parts lists supplied with the system along with technical support from seasoned spray system experts. This gives the plant operator “FREEDOM” from dependence on inferior chemicals and a third party for maintenance.


 Freedom Systems Report

 Asphalt Plant: Double Barrel
Location: Sarasota, Florida

Conditions:   Plant runs state mixes and airport mixes. Previous product found to be ineffective.

  Prior  Power Demand:

 Main Drag slat conveyor:     60+ AMPS **   ( peaks as high as 70 amps) Cross-over transfers:                             50 AMPS

The Batcher at the top of the silo had to be physically cleaned once a week.

Follow-up report  August 22, 2006:

Main Drag slat conveyor: 50 AMPS       ( Peaks virtually eliminated)

16.66% REDUCTION in Power consumption

 Cross-over transfers:        45 AMPS

10%  REDUCTION in Power consumption

 Batcher:                             Periodic cleaning eliminated

 Electrical Power Savings Analysis

Plant Drag Conveyor motor ONLY

 A 10 AMP reduction for a 480V 3 phase electric motor saves Approx: 8.32 kw/hr.

Using a 200 day season as example, savings are calculated by this formula:

 {$0.25 p/kwh x 8.32 kw/hr x hrs of operation}

 8 Hr ops, $16.64 p/day, $83.20 p/wk = $3328.00 p/year 16 Hr ops,                                                               $6756.00 p/year.

24 Hr ops,                                              $9984.00 p/year.

 Diesel fuel cost savings

6+ gallons p/day x $2.50 x 200 = N             N = $3000.00 per year

 Eliminating explosion hazards                                           N =  ?

Worker safety increased by automating maintenance           N =  ?

Extending Conveyor Equipment Life

We have firm evidence that conveyor wear part life has been extended over 2 million tons using our system.

To calculate savings, we will use a typical plant getting 1 million tons of production out of the drag conveyor before rebuild.

(cost:$130,000.00 to $180,000.00- typical drag conveyor)

 Plant #1 used previous technology

Plant #2 used TecShield technology

 Plant #1 330,000 ton/yr x 3 yrs = $130,000 repair  x 10 plants  $ 1,300,000


x 6 yrs = $130,000 repair  x 10 plants  $ 2,600,000

 x 9 yrs = $130,000 repair  x 10 plants  $ 5,200,000

 Plant #2 330,000 ton/yr x 3 yrs = $ -0-                  x 10 plants  $ -0-

x 6 yrs = $ -0-                  x 10 plants  $ -0-

 x 9 yrs = $ 130,000 repair x 10 plants  $ 1,300,000

Calculated maintenance savings of $43,400.00 per plant - per year

Increasing Production By Reducing System Bottlenecks

A Hypothetical Demonstration Of Value

  This asphalt plant drag conveyor typically draws 60 amps running regular non-polymer asphalt. When State Spec Polymer-Modified asphalt is run, the amp      draw increases to 75 amps with higher 80-90 amp spikes observed. This causes the drag motor breaker to do a protective shut-down as the increased demand can cause equipment damage. A diligent plant operator will decrease production to bring the amps down to a safer level.

   The same plant running the TecShield system will typically run 50 amps non-polymer and 55-60 amps with much fewer spikes observed with the State Polymer    mixes, allowing the operator to increase production without sacrificing equipment life. Now other production bottlenecks can be addressed to increase profits.

Value = how many more tons p/hr your plant can produce.

 Double Barrel Drum System

Stretches the interval for drum clean-outs.
Pays for the technology with one skipped cleanout
System costs $6500.00
One clean-out costs $5000.00 in labor and equipment alone
Savings continue to accrue each time clean-out is skipped

Investment Return: 8 hr/day Plant Running 200 days p/year

(not counting drum system)

System cost :                  approx: $ 18,000 (installed, turn key)
TecShield cost p/season: approx: $ -0- (amp reduction and diesel elimination)
Savings 1st year:                        $ 25,400
Savings after first year               $ 43,400 p/plant/p/year
Cost for 6 years:                         $ 18,000  p/plant
Savings for 6 years:                   $260,400  p/plant
Return percentage on investment: OVER 1000%

•         Actual return can be more, because of the undocumented savings mentioned previously.

As equipment costs and replacement spiral upwards , so will the savings


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