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Through extensive research & development  the Tec-Team has developed unique high purity, high temperature (600 - 800 (F) degrees) synthetic lubricants that bond or plate out on metal and rubber surfaces. These lubricants are used in truck beds, slat conveyors, and all lay-down equipment to lubricate moving parts, protect rubber surfaces, and provide corrosion protection, as well as asphalt release.



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Tec-Shield Elite is an odorless and non-hazardous cleaner / dry lubricant in one. Developed initially for firearms, it is an amazing cleaner and lubricant for all outdoor sporting equipment. Tec-Shield Elite cleans carbon, black powder, copper and lead fouling and surface rust, while leaving behind a dry lubricant with anti-corrosives that provides a boundary that won't allow rusting or the build-up of carbon and other debris.
ClearKut is a water soluble clear cutting and coolant fluid allowing the machine operator to see the part being cut during machining operations. No more milky colored fluids, you can inspect the cutting process while you are cutting. Will eliminate odors and the need for additives, and will lower coolant consumption cost 15 to 25%. Add to water as needed with stirring until clear and uniform.

FIREARMS / outdoor


The Tec-Teamis dedicated to the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry, the metal-machining industry and the outdoor sporting goods industry. 

Under ISO 9002 quality standards, we manufacture asphalt release agents, specialized lubricants, machining oils and coolants, as well as cleaners . Products are marketed to asphalt contractors, county and municipal street and road maintenance agencies, asphalt equipment manufacturers, military and law enforcement units, hunters , competitive shooters, outdoor sporting goods retailers, gunsmiths and the metal machining industry.

'Protecting People and the Environment' Tec-Team's goal is to be the industry leader in safety and performance, and to be recognized worldwide for environmental excellence.

 Since our earliest days, we have been guided by a passionate commitment to honesty, integrity and respect for people. We believe in the promotion of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism.