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CLEARKUT is a water soluble clear coolant and cutting fluid  allowing the machine operator to see the part being cut during machining operations.  NO MORE milky colored fluids, you can inspect the cutting process while you are cutting.  Will eliminate odors  and the need for additives, and will lower coolant consumption cost 15 to 25%.

Add to water as needed (up to 32 parts water to 1 part ClearKut) with stirring until clear and uniform
  • No more sump stench

  • Lowest possible Coolant Consumption

  • At least DOUBLE your sump life

  • Low foaming

  • Multi-Metal capability simplifies coolant inventory

  • Use as a Way Oil, coolant and machine lubricant

  • Low total cost

  • Non-Staining - Great for all aluminum Alloys

  • Non-Hazardous  formula, non-toxic and no flash point

  • No additional Biocide needed

  • Does NOT contain phenols,  nitrates, chlorine  or DCHA

  • Proven gentle on the hands

  • Non-Hazardous = EASY shipping and clean-up

Never lose sight of THE JOB with

CLEARKUT Machining Fluid

stays CLEAR             stays ODORLESS        saves you MONEY

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